Company Information

Founded in 1999, we stand as a rapidly expanding, independent enterprise committed to the research, promotion, and global distribution of the finest and most efficacious natural health products. Our discerning product selection panel meticulously curates items deemed the best in the market today, prioritizing the health and well-being of our customers. Independently researched, approved, endorsed, or clinically tested by leading healthcare professionals, our offerings exemplify quality.

Remaining at the forefront of developments in the natural health sector is our mission, ensuring our product range delivers top-notch drug-free pain relief, pioneering asthma and allergy treatments, and innovative well-being and mobility solutions. One of our flagship products, PainGone, boasts over 3 million users globally, finding relief from conditions such as arthritis, sciatica, sports injuries, and tennis elbow through this pocket-sized device.

Our Head Office in Nottingham houses a dedicated team, including friendly and professional customer service advisors. Committed to providing the highest quality service, we have earned a solid reputation in healthcare product marketing through various channels:

1. Our webshop,
2. Retail, pharmacists, health stores, mail-order companies, and the sport and leisure sector.
3. Direct Marketing and Advertising.
4. Establishing relationships with key healthcare professionals, including the NHS, private hospitals, general practitioners, and collaborative studies on Tower Health's new developments.
5. Partnerships with reputable charitable organizations.

These associations empower us to launch new product developments to professionals within the NHS and private healthcare industry, as well as directly to the general public. Maintaining professional credibility is integral to all our projects, bolstered by the in-house expertise of Dr. Phil Green and physiotherapist, Richard McBain.